This page contains programs originally written for other operating systems (generally Linux or Unix) that I have ported or recompiled to run under OS/2 and eComStation.


This is a tentative attempt at porting MKVToolNix version 2.0.2 to OS/2. These ports are highly experimental and have not been tested extensively. Use them at your own risk!

MKVToolNix is a set of command-line utilities for creating, disassembling, and otherwise manipulating Matroska multimedia files.

See the README for more information.



Potrace is a command-line utility for "tracing" a bitmapped image to generate a scalable vector image. This package contains OS/2 binaries. See the release notes for more information.

Note that Potrace itself operates on black and white bitmaps only. Greyscale images can be converted using the included mkbitmap prefilter program. Colour images require more advanced techniques; see the Potrace FAQ for details.

Potrace was written by Peter Selinger.

Files Potrace 1.10 binaries for OS/2 (requires GCC452.DLL, included in the gcc4core package)


TiMidity++ is a music player for MIDI files and similar formats. It is a 'standalone' player: it does not depend on MMPM/2 for its operation.

There are two versions available here:

Both versions of TiMidity++ are provided as WarpIN packages, which should simplify the installation and configuration somewhat. Note that the two versions use the same package names, so you can only install one or the other unless you extract the files and install them manually.

I have also packaged the highly recommended EAWPatches collection of voice sample files with WarpIN; this can be installed seamlessly together with TiMidity++ (either version) if the WPI file is in the same directory.



timidity_player_2132_os2_p2.wpi TiMidity++ player v2.13.2 preview release 2 (WarpIN installer) Complete OS/2-compilable source code for preview release 2
timidity_player_2104_a1.wpi TiMidity++ player v2.10.4 (WarpIN installer) TiMidity++ v2.10.4 source code patches (requires Darwin O'Connor's source package)

For space reasons, the EAWPatches package is not hosted here. Please download it from Hobbes.


XJDIC is a text-mode Japanese/English dictionary program, written by J. W. Breen, which is designed to use the freeware EDICT and KANJIDIC Japanese dictionaries.

I've ported XJDIC version 2.4 to OS/2 using kLIBC/GCC 3.3.5.

XJDIC accepts a search string in English or Japanese, and returns a list of matching results from the dictionary. Japanese text is displayed in kanji and hiragana/katakana, not romaji — so if you cannot read at least hiragana (Japanese phonetic characters), this program is probably not for you.

There are two versions of the program: a normal, standalone executable (which most people will prefer); or separate client and server executables which allow you to keep the dictionary files on a different computer from the one you're sitting at, possibly for multiple clients to use (you could even use somebody else's server if one is available to you). Both versions are included in the ZIP file below.

See the OS/2 program notes for more information.

Note: Jim Breen also maintains a WWW lookup interface for EDICT which provides similar functionality through a web browser. Check it out here.



Files XJDIC version 2.4 for OS/2 (release 5, updated 2009-06-30)
edict.gz Latest EDICT dictionary file (Monash FTP server)
kanjidic.gz Latest KANJIDIC dictionary file (Monash FTP server)
edict_sub.gz Latest EDICT_SUB dictionary file (Monash FTP server) – an alternative to EDICT A 2006 version of EDICT which is known to work well with XJDIC (still larger than EDICT_SUB) A version of KANJIDIC which is known to work well with XJDIC (dated June 2009) Source code patches for the OS/2 build (release 5) in unified format
xjdic24.tgz The original XJDIC 2.4 source code

In addition, the latest version of the original XJDIC source code should be available at the XJDIC web site (see the link below).


The following pages provide additional resources related to XJDIC, EDICT/KANJIDIC, and related topics.