This page contains some OS/2 and eComStation utilities which I find useful. In general, these items were not written by me; however, in most cases I have repackaged or recompiled them in some way.

See my separate software section for programs which I've written, or maintain personally.

Info-Zip UNZIP 5 for OS/2

These are my own builds of Info-Zip's UNZIP utility (version 5.x) for extracting ZIP archives. I originally started doing these builds after Info-Zip stopped supporting LZW compression (which is required by quite a lot of existing OS/2 software) in its official builds.

Starting with UNZIP 5.52, Info-Zip has reenabled this support in their own official builds. I have provided my own build of version 5.52 here (originally because Info-Zip's own official release was delayed somewhat), although there should be no longer be any functional difference with the Info-Zip release. However, I have no plans to release my own builds of future versions.

Paul Smedley has an experimental build of version 6 (along with version 3 of ZIP) on his OS/2 ports site.


Please note that these are "unofficial" builds, and I am not affiliated with the Info-Zip group in any way. The distributed archives use the naming scheme UZS* for their filenames, to distinguish them from Info-Zip's official builds (which use UNZ*).

uzs552x2.exe UNZIP v5.52 executable for OS/2 (compiled with IBM VisualAge C++ v3) UNZIP v5.52 DLL for OS/2 (compiled with IBM C/C++ v3.65)

FTP Large File Support

This is an unofficial IBM update to the OS/2 FTP client and server (for TCP/IP 4.3 and higher) which adds support for transferring large files (>2GB). Dated 2002-09-25; obtained from IBM TestCase.

(Note: Even though TCP/IP FixPak UN_2334 is more recent than this update, neither it nor any other official release includes this large file support.)



This is IBM's FDISK.COM from OS/2 version 2.11. I've made it available here because it can be useful if later versions of FDISK (Warp 3 or Warp 4) refuse to touch your disk drive because they think the partition table is corrupt. This version of FDISK, on the other hand, isn't as picky, and will often work where later versions fail.


The GIMP for OS/2

I've written a WarpIN install routine for setting up the GIMP version 2.2.8 (the latest OS/2 version) to run without needing the XFree86/2 server installed.

You do need an X server somewhere, such as HOBLink or WeirdX; this allows you run the GIMP in "windowed" mode like a native PM application. See the README for details.


Due to space constraints, I have removed the files from my personal site. They are available on the Hobbes OS/2 Archive:

XFree86-4_5_0-runtime.wpi Runtime DLLs from XFree86/2 4.5.0 (required, unless XFree86/2 is already installed).
GIMP-2_2_8-install.wpi The GIMP program files (required)
GIMP-2_2_8-required-libs.wpi External libraries (required)
GIMP-2_0_7-help.wpi HTML help files (optional)

OpenSSH for OS/2

I've bundled the OpenSSH 5.3p1 OS/2 binaries as installable WarpIN packages. Download the WPI files that you need (only the first is required to use the ssh client; the others are used by the server, sshd). Place them in the same directory and open openssh-5_3p1.wpi with WarpIN.

These OpenSSH binaries were ported to OS/2 by nickk.


openssh-5_3p1.wpi OpenSSH for OS/2
ssesinst.wpi Security/2 (required to run the OpenSSH server).
tnpipe.wpi TNPIPE login shell wrapper for sshd
vioroute.wpi VioRoute login shell wrapper for sshd

(View the file directory for older versions)

PM Camera /2

PM Camera /2 is an IBM EWS screen capture utility. It's handy because it can capture silently to sequentially-numbered files (unlike most OS/2 capture utilities, which force you to save after each capture). Obtained from IBM's now-defunct EWS freeware site.

This distribution includes both versions 2.10 and 2.08; see README.TXT for a brief description of the differences.

I've also made available some replacement dialog resources to make the program (v2.08 only) look prettier (requires Warp 4, or Warp 3 with a recent FixPak). You'll have to perform the resource patching yourself (assuming you know how); I didn't do it for you, because the PMCamera/2 license expressly forbids redistributing modified binaries.

Files PMCamera/2 v2.10 & 2.08 Replacement dialog resources

VNC Viewer for OS/2

This is a cosmetic update to the OS/2 PM VNC Viewer program, with improved dialog layout and a cleaner-looking icon. Derived from Akira Hatakeyama's original release.

Files Executable Source code changes


WhichDLL is a which-like command for DLLs: it reports the fully-qualified path of the specified DLL, if found. When multiple instances of the named DLL exist, the copy which actually is (or would be) loaded is reported. Very useful for diagnosing DLL conflicts. Written by Alessandro Cantatore; source code is included.


Window Themes Toolkit for eComStation

The Window Themes toolkit (for eComStation 1.1/1.2) is a set of tools and documentation design to help you create your own window control themes.