The Base Device Drivers component consists of the standard OS/2 hardware drivers, including IDE/ATAPI, SCSI and USB controllers, input devices, removeable media and other devices. Network Interface Card (NIC) drivers are not included, as those are part of the MPTS product.

Under OS/2 Warp 4 and earlier, device driver updates were originally included in OS/2 base operating system FixPaks. Beginning with Warp 3 FixPak 41, and Warp 4 FixPak 11, device driver updates were removed and split off into their own separate FixPaks.

Service Diagram: OS/2 base device drivers


  1. These versions have no base service level for device drivers. The device driver component was not separated from the base operating system until XR_W041 (for Warp 3) and XR_M011 (for Warp 4), at which time a separate service level for device drivers was introduced.

  2. Convenience Package 2 (both client and server) was rereleased in 2002 with some minor updates. This refreshed version has an initial service level of XR_4503.