'LAN Services' is used to refer to a group of related products that allow OS/2 to operate on a NetBIOS (SMB) network. This type of network is used by Microsoft Windows (where it is sometimes called 'Windows Networking'), various DOS clients, the open source Samba product, and all versions of OS/2.

Under OS/2, these products are bundled together under one of the following names:

IBM OS/2 LAN Server
Includes the following components:
  • LAN Server
  • LAN Requester
  • User Profile Management
  • 386 HPFS file system ('Advanced' editions only)
IBM Peer for OS/2
Also called the "File and Print Client"; includes the following components:
  • Peer (sharing) service
  • LAN Requester service
  • User Profile Management

Versions prior to the release of OS/2 Warp Connect were published as separate products under the name "IBM OS/2 LAN Requester", and did not include the Peer service.

Note that it is possible to encounter some of these components installed by themselves on a system (for instance, User Profile Management may be installed when LAN Requester is not). However, all LAN FixPaks apply to the overall bundle (i.e. LAN Server or Peer for OS/2), and all detected components are updated when the FixPak is installed. Individually installed components (whether or not other components from the bundle are present) may be updated by applying the FixPak appropriate for the installed version.

The User Profile Management component is also installed by some other software products, such as IBM DB/2 Universal Database.

[Service Diagram: LAN Services]


  1. OS/2 Warp Connect allows the installation of LAN Requester 4.06 as an alternative to the full Peer for OS/2 product. If this is done, the FixPak path for LAN Server/Requester 4.0 should be used.

    Peer 1.0 also includes version 4.06 of the LAN Requester service, but uses a separate FixPak path (one that includes fixes for the newer Peer components).

  2. Starting with version 4.0, Peer for OS/2 is also called the File and Print Client.

    Peer 4.0 includes version 5.04 of the LAN Requester service.

  3. FixPaks for version 5.20 are designed for LAN Server. They can be applied to Peer 5.20, but the Peer-specific components will not be updated. There are no specific FixPaks for Peer 5.20 at the present time.